Kinsta vs WPEngine: Which One Is Good Hosting For You?


There are many hosting services available in the market recently. All of them are equally good. But if you need hosting specifically for your WordPress website, then there are very few hosting service providers that are providing hosting services specifically for WordPress users. Kinsta and WP Engine are two of these hosting service providers. They are the most popular WordPress hosting service available in the market right now.

Kinsta and WP Engine both provide dedicated WordPress hosting for their customers. If you own a big company or corporation, then this might be the right choice for you. But it is quite difficult to choose the best one among them.

 Here in this article, I am going to discuss both of these services and then I am going to compare Kinsta Vs WP Engine side by side.  So without any more further delay let’s start with this article.

About Kinsta

Kinsta is a very popular dedicated WordPress hosting service that was established in 2013. Kinsta is trusted by many big companies like Spotify and Coca-Cola. This hosting service uses the Google cloud platform and they provide their service for hardcore WordPress users. Kinsta is one of the most premium hosting service providers that also comes with a premium price tag. 

About WP Engine

WP Engine is a dedicated web hosting provider and they claim that they are the best hosting provider in the market. They provide excellent uptime and performance.

WP Engine is basically known for its service and performance to its customers. They have plans for each and individual category. WP Engine was established in 2010 and since then it has become the no.1 Managed WordPress service provider in the industry.

Features Comparison: Kinsta Vs WP Engine –

Here we will compare the features of both hosting services side by side

FeaturesKinstaWP Engine 
Uptime 99.9%99.99%
Performance 1.25 seconds582 ms
Established 20132010
Data CentersKinsta has 18 data centers around the world and some of them are situated in London, Frankfurt, the USA, Sydney, Singapore, Canada, and Belgium.WP Engine also has 18 data centers around the world and some of them are situated in Provo (USA), Orem (USA), Mumbai (India), London (UK), Hong Kong (China), and Shanghai (China).
Unlimited BandwidthNoNO
Unlimited data storageNot availableNot available
Control Panel MyKinsta dashboardWP Engine Client Portal
Unlimited EmailsNoNo
Customer support Kinsta provides customer support via live chat, email, and ticketing.WP Engine provides customer support via live chat, phone calls, email, and ticketing.
Money-back guarantee 30 days90 days
CDNCDN is not included.CDN is not included. 
Free SSL Certificate YesYes
Dedicated Hosting Dedicated is hosting at a higher price with their enterprise plans.Dedicated hosting is available with them.
PricingPlans starting from $30 a month.Plans starting from $27 a month.
Customer support Service24/7/36524/7/365
Website Builder ToolNo Website Builder is available.No Website Builder is available.
Multiple DomainsYes(Expect the personal plan).Yes (Expect the starter plan).
Value for moneyKinsta is value for money if you own a very big business or website.WP Engine will be a perfect choice for medium-size business owners, their starting plan is also cheaper than Kisnta.


These two hosting services are the best in the industry and they both provide excellent service. But Kinsta has a slight advantage over WP Engine because they provide a more professional service and they are pretty consistent about it. 

They are both equally good. But personally, I would choose Kinsta. Because they are trusted by many big companies and they also provide more transparency, more security, and a more comprehensive platform.