A2 Hosting Vs Siteground: Which One Is Good For You?


If you are searching for a cheap hosting solution, then I am pretty sure that you must have stumbled upon A2 hosting service and SiteGround hosting service. Both are known for their cheap hosting solutions to their customers. 

If you are looking for a cheap hosting service provider, then these two hostings are the main competitors. You have to stick with this article to find out which one is the best among these two!

Because, in this article, we are going to discuss a few things about both the service providers, then I will compare the A2 hosting service vs SiteGround hosting side by side to see who deserves the tag of the winner. 

About A2 Hosting: 

A2 hosting service is a very popular hosting service that is known for its cheap hosting prices and its fast page loading speed. The A2 hosting was first established in 2001. Since then they have been providing the best loading time and uptime that you can find in this price range. This hosting service is very much developer-friendly and it also provides a 30 Day money-back guarantee that is truly a unique feature.

About Siteground Hosting :

SiteGround was originally established in 2004 by a group of university students. SiteGround is known for its cheap hosting plans that are very feature-rich. They provide many features that are not at all expected in this price segment. At present SiteGround has more than 500 employees and hosts nearly 2 million websites. They are the cheapest and feature-rich hosting service in this particular price segment. 

Features comparison :  

Features            A2 Hosting      Siteground Hosting
Windows and Linux HostingSupports both Linux and Windows Hosting.Supports both Linux and Windows Hosting.
Performance 4.95 Seconds2.36 Seconds
Data CentersTotal 4 data centers. Michigan, Arizona (USA)Amsterdam (Europe)Singapore (Asia)Total 5 data centers.Iowa (USA)London (UK)Frankfurt (Germany)Sydney (Australia)Singapore (Asia)
SSD Storage100 GB SSD Storage Available.SSD Storage Available.
Email AccountsThey Provide Unlimited Email Accounts with all plans.They provide Unlimited Email Accounts with all plans.
No of SitesOne with the basic plan (Unlimited with higher plans)One with the basic plan (Unlimited with higher plans)
Disk Space 100 GB for the basic plan.(unlimited with the higher plans)10 GB with the basic plan.(10-40 GB with the higher plans)
Traffic Unmetered10000 Visits ( Expanded up to 25000- 100000 in higher plans)
Value for Money Provides Excellent Value for Money.Provides Excellent Value for Money.
Money-Back Guarantee30-Day 30-Day

Final words:

A2 hosting service and SiteGround hosting, both are equally good and to be honest, I like them both. But if I have to pick one of them then, I would say that if you have a very tight budget and under that tight budget, you want a decent enough hosting service that doesn’t miss out on too many features, then you should definitely go with A2 hosting because they can accommodate all types of customers.

However, if you want a more enhanced Hosting service and can also afford a few bucks extra, then you should definitely consider SiteGround because they are the most feature-packed Hosting service available at this price range. Siteground offers the absolute greatest performance and customer support that other bigger service providers sometimes fail to provide.

Now, it is totally your choice which service you want to avail. Personally, I will choose SiteGround over A2 hosting service.