Siteground vs WP Engine 2023: Which One Is Best For You?


SiteGround and WP Engine are both very popular hosting service providers.  If you plan to choose between these two hosting service providers, this article is definitely for you. Today we will be comparing their features side by side.

But before we start comparing these two hosting services, one thing to keep in mind is that SiteGround providers have various types of hosting services but WP Engine is strictly for WordPress websites. So without any more delay let’s start our comparison.

SiteGround Vs WP Engine:  Which one is more popular? 

SiteGround was established in 2004, and today they host over 2 million websites and they have around 600 employees working for them. On the WordPress official website, they refer SiteGround among many other hosting service providers. SiteGround is popular for its cheap, feature-packed shared hosting plans.

On the other hand, WP Engine was founded in 2010. WP Engine is most popular among WordPress users. Today they host nearly 150000 websites and they have around 1000 employees working for them. They have recently taken over the company called “FlyWheel” and that indicates that they are expanding their reach in the hosting service business.

Winner – In this round, SiteGround takes the cake because it is very popular among all kinds of users, on the other end WP Engine only offers WordPress hosting so that’s why it is famous only among WordPress users.

Site Ground Vs WP Engine: Who provides a better backup option?

Both SiteGround and WP Engine provide automatic daily backup plans with their all hosting plans. They both give you the ability to create a manual backup by yourself. Users can restore their backup directly from the control panel on both of the hosting service providers. You can also use the help of their customer support executives for the restoration process if you are unable to do it all by yourself.

Winner – They both provide the same kind of backup options when it comes to daily automatic backups. So for this round, they will both get equal points for their service.

SiteGround Vs WP Engine: Which one is the easiest to use?

SiteGround has recently moved from Cpanel to their own custom-made control panel which is pretty easy to use and navigate. To be honest, I am happy that they have moved on from the usual Cpanel because Cpanel is kind of outdated. Anyone can easily adapt to this new control panel within a few weeks. They provide all the important features that you may need to manage your website.

WP Engine has its own Control panel which is also very intuitive and easy to navigate. They also provide all the necessary features that are needed to operate your website at its fullest potential. Their interface is nicely organized into different sections and shows all the important information right on your dashboard.

Winner – They are both very easy and simple to use, so they will both get one point each for this round.

SiteGround vs WP Engine: Who Provides the Best Customer Support Experience?

SiteGround has a very knowledgeable and polite team of customer support executives. They are well trained and they will solve your problems within minutes. You can reach customer support via live chat, phone, and ticketing 24/7. 

While WP Engine only offers live chat support and ticketing for all their plans, but sadly the phone call support is reserved for their premium plans, which is a major setback when compared to SiteGround.

Winner – SiteGround is the clear winner of this round because they provide more convenient customer care support.

SiteGround vs WP Engine: Who provides Better Migration facilities?

SiteGround Offers its users a free website migration with zero downtime. This is really great because you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything will be taken care of by their professional executives, and during this whole migration process, your website will be up and running.

WP Engine doesn’t offer a free website migration but they provide a free plugin that will help you migrate your website to their servers. If you are having any trouble during this process, their customer support executives are always there to help you.

Winner – SiteGround is the clear winner here because they provide free migration where this entire process will be taken care of by their executives, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

SiteGround Vs WP Engine: Which has more Data Centers Around the World?

SiteGround has a total of 4 data centers around the world and on the other hand, WP Engine has 10 data centers around the world, which is better because more data centers mean that your data fetching time will be less.

Winner – WP Engine is the clear winner of this round because they have more data centers around the globe.

SiteGround Vs WP Engine: Who Provides Better Performance?

A faster website means it will attract more visitors. SiteGround and WP Engine both have a very fast loading time. You will not be facing any issues with either of these hosting service providers. SiteGround offers a loading time of 1.91s and WP Engine provides a load time of 627 ms which is a bit faster than SiteGround.

Winner – You won’t notice any difference in real life but WP Engine is slightly faster than SiteGround.

SiteGround Vs WP Engine: Who Provides a better Uptime?

SiteGround provides an uptime of 100%. I can assure you that you will have no complaints because we barely noticed any downtime during our testing phase. They also give you free hosting if their downtime drops below a certain threshold.

On the other hand, WP Engine also provides an uptime of 100%. You will also have zero complaints about your website being down or not accessible. They also give you free hosting if the threshold drops below the expected uptime.

Winner – Both SiteGround and WP Engine are the winners of this round because they are both equally good when it comes to uptime.

Final Verdict –

If you want fast reliable WordPress Hosting and you can also spend a few extra bucks, then I would suggest you go with WP Engine. But if you don’t own a WordPress website and are looking for a cheap hosting solution that is feature-rich, then you should consider SiteGround because they provide absolute value for money.