InMotion Hosting Vs Siteground 2023


InMotion and SiteGround are two very well-known hosting service providers among the hosting service community. In 2021, if you are looking for a cheap hosting service that is feature-packed, then you should definitely choose between these two service providers. They are both equally good. Although Siteground is a bit cheaper compared to InMotion, they both provide almost the same features.

In this article, I am going to discuss the features provided by these services and compare them side by side, but before doing that I will say a few things about both these services. So without any further delay let’s dive into our comparison of InMotion Vs SiteGround.

About InMotion –

There is a pretty good chance that you are already familiar with the InMotion hosting service because although you have never used their services you have surely seen their name in some kind of advertisement somewhere because they are a pretty big and popular company. When it comes to hosting, InMotion provides absolute value for your money.

This company was first established in 2001 and now they have over 300000 domains and they have two data centers, one in Los Angeles and another one in Washington DC. InMotion is one of the oldest companies in the business. In 2023,  this will be a good choice if you are looking for a hosting service at a low cost.

About SiteGround –

SiteGround is also a very old company just like InMotion and it was first established in 2004.  They provide a feature-packed hosting service at a very low price tag. Currently, they have over 2 million customers and they have 500+ employees working for them. This hosting service was first established by some university students. 

SiteGround provides all the necessary features that you need to successfully run your website. They are the most respected service provider because they provide a very decent and efficient service to their users. SiteGround is famous for its shared hosting plans.

Feature Comparison: InMotion Vs SiteGround –

FeaturesIn MotionSite Ground
Uptime 99.91%99.99%
Performance 389 ms2.36 Seconds
Free Trial No No
Disk Capacity (With the basic plan)40 GB10 GB
Bandwidth25000 Visits monthly.10000 visits monthly.
Number of websites that you can hold with their cheapest planYou can host up to two websites with their basic plans.You can host only one website with their basic plans.
Data Centers They have 2 Data Centers around the world and they are located in Los Angeles, Washington D.C.They have 5 data centers around the world and they are situated in Iowa (USA)London (UK)Frankfurt (Germany)Sydney (Australia)Singapore (Asia).
Value for money Provides absolute value for money.Provides absolute value for money.
CDN Support Cloudflare(Manual Installation).Cloudflare Support built-in.
Customer Support InMotion provides 24/7/365 customer support (Via Live Chat, Email, Phone call).SiteGround provides 24/7/365(Via Live Chat, Email, Phone Calls, and they have many tutorial videos to solve your problem).
Free DomainInMotion provides a free domain with their hosting service.SiteGround doesn’t provide a free domain with their hosting service. 
Website MigrationFree website migration with all their plans.They provide free website migration.
CpanelThey use the usual control panel.They use their own custom-made control panel.
Daily Backups InMotion provides free automatic backup and recovery options.SiteGround provides automatic daily backups with their hosting service.  
Money-back guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee.30-day money-back guarantee.
Website Builder ToolNo website Builder tool available.No website builder tool is available.
Free SSL Certificate YesYes

Conclusion –

Both web hosting services are great as they provide the best value-for-money services to their customers and they both have very feature-packed shared hosting plans. SiteGround will be a great choice for medium-sized websites and small size businesses. 

While InMotion will be a great choice for those who own a big corporation or company and generate a lot of traffic. Other than that, these two hosting services are great altogether. You can easily choose either of these two services.