FastComet Vs Siteground Comparison Guide 2023


Looking for a cheap hosting solution? I am pretty sure that you have stumbled upon these two names when looking for a cheap hosting service. FastComet and Siteground are two hosting service providers that provide hosting services at a relatively low price, compared to other service providers. 

These two hosting services come at a cheaper price but they are both very much feature-packed and provide quality services that other costlier service providers aren’t able to provide.

So today, I will first talk about both these hosting services, then I am going to compare FastComet vs Siteground, their features side by side and finally,who is going to be the winner of this comparison. So without any more delay, let’s start our comparison of these two popular hosting services.

About FastComet –

Fastcomet is a relatively new hosting service in the market. They come with pretty interesting features for their users  at the most affordable price. It was first established in 2013 and since then it has come a long way to make a footprint in the hosting service business. 

Their headquarters are situated in San Francisco. Now they have more than 200 employees working for them. FastComet comes at a much cheaper price tag and the features that it provides are really great at such a cheaper price.

About SiteGround –

SiteGround was originally established in 2004. They are the most popular hosting service that comes at a cheaper price tag. They provide a very feature-packed hosting service that is also very cheap. Currently, they are hosting over 2 million websites on their server and they have more than 500 employees working for them. 

This hosting service is started and maintained by a group of university students.  They are a bit costly but they are the most trusted web hosting service provider in the entire hosting business. 

Features comparison –

FeaturesFastCometSite Ground
Uptime 99.94%99.99%
Performance 1.25 seconds2.36 seconds
Storage Capacity 15 GB SSD(with the basic plan)20 GB (No SSD Storage available) (with basic plan)
Daily backupsYes (Daily automatic backups).Yes (Daily automatic backups).
Free SSL Certificate Free GlobalSign SSL Let’s Encrypt SSL
Control PanelUsual PanelCustom made control panel
Website Builder ToolYes (In House)Yes(Weebly)
Email accountsProvide a single email account.Provides unlimited email accounts with all their plans.
Data Centers They have a total of 11 data centers around the world and some of them are located in Dallas (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Tokyo (Japan), and Mumbai (India).They have 5 data centers around the world and they are situated in  Iowa (USA)London (UK)Frankfurt (Germany)Sydney (Australia)Singapore (Asia)
Value for moneyProvides excellent value for money.Provides excellent value for money.
Free CDN They provide free CDN.(Cloudflare CDN)They provide free CDN with all their plans. (Cloudflare CDN)
Customer Support 24/7/365 (Via phone call, live chat, email, and ticketing).24/7/365 (Via phone call, email, ticketing, and live chat).
Website migration Free website migration with all their plans.Free website migration with all their plans.
Money-back guarantee 45-day money-back.30-day money-back.
DomainUnlimited Domains.single domain.

Conclusion –

FastComet and SiteGround, both hosting services are great and have their own pros and cons. They provide excellent value for money. But the main difference between these two hosting services is that FastComet is much cheaper when compared to Siteground and FastComet is also very feature-packed. 

SiteGround is also very good but it comes with a few limitations with their basic plans. Fastcomet is an all-one hosting solution that also costs less and also provides many great features. Personally, I would go with Fastcomet because it provides better value for money.