InMotion Hosting Vs Godaddy 2023 Comparison Guide

Many hosting providers claim themselves to be pleasing ones. This makes the users confused to choose the right which suits their needs and fulfills their desires. Like that, Inmotion and GoDaddy both claim to be the best. Inmotion and GoDaddy both fall on the list of competitive hosting developers. They are both reputable and well known to provide massive customer service. We will make clear about their abilities and disabilities, the services they give to their customers and what their budget planning is. We will compare their features so that you can get a clear idea about both the hosting providers. Let’s have a look at Inmotion vs GoDaddy which one is better than the other. 

Inmotion hosting 

Inmotion hosting was founded in 2001. The offices of this hosting provider are situated in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach. Among all the hosting providers in the market, Inmotion hosting is one of the oldest ones. They provide hosting plans starting for beginners to the business levels, large companies, and everyone in between these. They have 200+ employees in their offices who give 24/7/365 customer services by emails, phone calls, or live chats. 

It is a reliable hosting service provider. How fast do you want your website to be loaded? Inmotion has answers to all your questions. Do they provide all the features that you want to run your website? Yes, we will give replies to all your questions about the features below. Their performance is also cost-effective, that is they are worth the price. Their speed, reliability, and response time are also very good to trust. They are dedicated to providing users with the best services. 

GoDaddy hosting 

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. GoDaddy hosting was founded in 1997. The name of this hosting provider was Jomax Technologies back then. GoDaddy  manages more than 76 million domains. But the actual count is not yet clear. 14 facilities and more than 175 million customers have registered with this hosting provider. This was a rough idea about the customer of GoDaddy.

 Though the pricing plans are not that affordable, you can experience better services in return for the money. GoDaddy offers huge services to their customers and gives immediate response to their customers’ problems. Their Super Bowl commercials are one of the most noticeable features that make the company stand as the biggest platform in the market. This website is beginner-friendly as beginners find it easy to run the domain from GoDaddy. 

Inmotion hosting vs GoDaddy hosting 

A comparative study helps in better comparison. Moreover when both are equally competitive, then you should always go for the comparative study which helps to point out the points of differences. Here we have given a table that distinguishes in motion from GoDaddy. 

Features Inmotion hosting GoDaddy hosting 
Storage spaceUnlimited 100GB – unlimited (depending on the plan) 
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered 
Free domain nameYes, for one year for all the plans Yes, for all plans for the annual year plans
Free SSLFree (forever) Encryption of  SSL for  all plansFree GoDaddy SSL certificates on selected plans
Free website migration YesNo
Backups Weekly backups  – with an additional fee, backup on a daily basis. Not included – available for additional fees every month
One-click app installation 400+ applications125+ applications
CPanel YesYes
Email accounts Unlimited Office365 email address for 1 year, for the first year
Free website builder YesSeparate website builder hosting packages 
SSH access YesYes
PHP 7YesYes, but it must be requested 
Support 24/7 via emails, live chats, and tickets – the support agents are knowledgeable and resolve problems quickly. Support has improved with shorter waiting times, but it’s not 24/7 worldwide – some countries will get support from Monday to Friday. 
Rating 4.9/5 stars4.7/5 stars

Final Words

Judging from all the features from the above comparative study, we conclude that – Inmotion hosting is the winner. It provides all the features with a better rating and service 24/7 worldwide. Hope the above comparative study helped you in choosing the correct hosting website according to your requirements.