InMotion Hosting Vs Bluehost


If you are looking for a good hosting service provider at a very reasonable price point, then you should definitely consider these two hosting services, Inmotion hosting, and Bluehost hosting. They both belong to the same league of hosting services. Bluehost just started after two years after Inmotion.

In this article first, I am going to discuss a few things about both these hosting services, then I am going to compare Inmotion Hosting vs Bluehost hosting side by side. So without any more delay let’s start our comparison.

About InMotion

If you have a personal or professional website, then you must consider InMotion hosting, because they provide a wide variety of hosting services at a very affordable price. It was established in 2001, and now they have over 300000 domains under their hosting service. They are one of the oldest names in the hosting service industry.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the top most popular hosting services in the market. They are the officially recommended hosting service by the official page of WordPress. Bluehost hosting was first founded in 2003 in Utah. They also provide a wide range of hosting services for their users. They offer a very affordable plan with some good features attached to it.

Feature Comparison

Free SSD StorageInMotion provides free SSD storage with all their plans.Bluehost provides SSD storage with all their plans.
Unlimited Email Accounts and StorageInMotion provides Unlimited email accounts even with their basic plans.Bluehost doesn’t provide unlimited email accounts with their plans.
Website Migration with Zero Down Time InMotion provides free website migration with zero downtime.Bluehost also provides website migration but you may experience some downtime.
Money-back guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee.30-day money-back guarantee. 
Free DomainInMotion Provides Free Domain.Bluehost also provides free domains with their basic plans.
WordPress Website BuilderInMotion provides a website builder called “Website Creator”.Bluehost also provides a website builder which is called “Bluehost Builder”.
Free SSLInMotion provides free SSL with their basic plans.Bluehost provides free SSL with its basic plans.
1-Click Application InstallerSupports more than 400+ applications.Supports more than 80+ applications.
Unlimited Disk Space and BandwidthThey offer unlimited bandwidth but limited storage with their every plan.Bluehost doesn’t offer any unlimited storage or bandwidth.
Customer Support24/7/365 customer support Via Live Chat, Email, Skype, online tutorials, and Community Q&A.24/7/365 via Live Chat, Email, and ticketing.
Automatic Vulnerability PatchingYes No
Uptime 99.9%99.94%
Performance 389 ms689 ms
Rating A+A+

Final Words

In simple words, I can say that Inmotion hosting provides a better value for money option if you are looking for a safe reliable website that will help grow your business. InMotion’s shared business plan offers the best value for your money and you can really give it a try. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. 

On the other hand, Bluehost is a very popular service provider for providing service at a more affordable rate with some pretty useful features. 

Both Inmotion Hosting and Bluehost hosting is very affordable. So it is totally up to you which hosting service you want to go with. Personally, I would go with Inmotion because they provide really great security and overall experience.