FastComet vs Hostgator 2023 Comparison Guide


A comparative study clears all doubts about anything.  When it comes to the web hosting providers, a comparative is a must. It may be a tough match but there will always be one winner. Fastcomet and Hostgator are both US-based hosting providers.  Here we’ll provide you with a comparative study about the two hosting providers – Fastcomet vs Hostgator. This guide will provide the users with all the information about these two hosting sites before choosing the required one. But before comparing them let us know about them.


The most popular Fastcomet Hosting was established in San Francisco in 2013.  They have 3 Hosting plans – a basic plan is for hosting a single website, more advanced plans for hosting multiple websites and dedicated servers for professionals.

These plans provide unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage along with cloudlinux and FFmpeg. You can also get free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt. Along with that, they also provide some more advanced features like:

  • Guaranteed resources – offer a free domain for as long as you host them. 
  • Free Domain for life. 
  • The same renewal price as registration – the same charge is applied for sign up. 
  • Free Cloudflare CDN 
  • Data-Centric choices – Fastcomet offers 8 data centers.100+ data center locations all around the world. 
  •  SSD disk space- SSDs are 300% larger than standard HDDs.
  •  Open-source hosting – this includes 4 sources – WordPress, Joomla, Open Cart, and social engines. 
  • Fastcomet site builder – Fastcomet has its side builder. Fastcomet answers in a few minutes. High speed and improved plug-ins are provided by FastComet. 


Hostgator is an international web hosting provider, founded at Florida Atlantic University. 

One of the main reasons to choose Hostgator is that it provides the services at a minimum amount as low as $2.75 per month. 

  • Domain name – You can have a domain name along with the annual purchase packs. But for those who purchase non-annually the domain name costs about $4.99.
  • Free SSL certificates – This provides security to the site visitors. This keeps personal information like passwords, logins, and payment methods safe. 
  • Easy and quick setup– We recommend choosing Hostgator for this reason also. You can open new websites with one click and create a site with their builders. 

This was a brief idea about the Fastcomet and the Hostgator. We recommend going through the comparative study given below for a better understanding. 

Fastcomet vs Hostgator 

According to the reviews of the user, they said that it’s easier to set up the Fastcomet than the Hostgator. It’s difficult to choose the correct one. 


  • Hostgator 
PLAN NAMEStorage Bandwidth Free SSLNumber of sitesPrice
Hatchling planUnlimited Unlimited+1$2.75
Baby planUnlimited Unlimited+Unlimited $3.50
Business plans UnlimitedUnlimited+Unlimited $5.25
  • Fastcomet 
PLAN NAME Storage Bandwidth Free SSL Number of sites Price 
Fastcloud 15 GB SSDUnlimited +1$3.95
Fastcloud plus 25 GB SSD Unlimited +Unlimited $5.95
Fastcloud extra35 GB SSDUnlimited +Unlimited $7.95

From the above comparison, we can see that the prices of the Hostgator are cheaper than Fastcloud. 

  • Features 
FEATURES Fastcomet Hostgator 
Hosting typeWordPress hosting, cloud shared and managed with VPS Shared (Linux and windows), cloud, WordPress, VPS hosting 
Free Domain Unavailable Available 
Free SSL certificates Available Available 
Disk space15 GB – 640 GB60GB –unlimited 
Bandwidth 2 TB – unlimited 600GB – unlimited 
Automatic backup Daily and weekly Weekly 
Control PanelCPanelcPanel, Plesk
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited 
Free CDNAvailable Unavailable 
Free Site Migration Available Available 


This comparative study may guide you to choose the correct web hosting platform. Hostgator is owned by EIG. It provides better facilities all around the world. The customer reviews of this web hosting provider is also good. But Fastcomet also has good reviews in terms of login and uses. Quick and easy access is provided by the Fastcomet.  It also provides a money back guarantee. The Fastcomet prices are higher than the Hostgator but they are reliable and trustworthy. Thus, this battle has no such winner. Both the providers have outstanding features. Now it’s up to you! Go for your choice.